MadWand has the best collection of free books online pdf, epub & kindle. All books 100% free for you to download and keep forever.


MadWand has the best collection of free books online pdf, epub & kindle. All books 100% free for you to download and keep forever.

Book Innovative Skills to Support Well being and Resiliency in Youth

Download or read book Innovative Skills to Support Well being and Resiliency in Youth written by Nicole Nicotera and published by Oxford University Press. This book was released on 2017 with total page 169 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This title emphasizes the step-by-step procedures readers will need to implement evidence-based, innovative techniques and skills that emphasize well-being and resilience in youth. The strategies are specifically chosen to capture and hold the interest of youth who are often reticent to counselling. Furthermore, the skills-based approach of the book aims to demystify what one actually does in session with youth by moving away from the vagueness of talk therapy when youth have nothing to say, and toward sessions that engage youth in action, stimulating communication and change.

Book Traversing Gender

    Book Details:
  • Author : Lee Harrington
  • Publisher : Mystic Productions Press
  • Release : 2016-05-01
  • ISBN : 1942733836
  • Pages : 236 pages

Download or read book Traversing Gender written by Lee Harrington and published by Mystic Productions Press. This book was released on 2016-05-01 with total page 236 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: In the current age of gender identity and transgender awareness, many questions are coming to light for everyone. Whether brought about by media and cultural attention or personal journeys, individuals who have never heard of transgender, transsexual, or gender variant people can feel lost or confused. Information can be hard to find, and is often fragmented or biased. Meanwhile, trans people are getting a chance to dialogue with each other and finally be heard by the world at large. In Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities, author Lee Harrington helps make the intimate discussions of gender available for everyone to understand. Topics include: What the words "trans" "transgender" mean, differences (and crossovers) between sex, gender, and orientation, the wide array and types of trans experiences , social networking and emotional support systems for trans people, navigating medical care, from the common cold to gender-specific procedures, what "transitioning" looks like, from a variety of different approaches, how legal systems interplay with gender and trans issues, extra challenges based on gender, race, class, age and disability, skills and information on being a successful trans ally. Bringing these personal matters into the light of day, this reader-friendly resource is written for students, professionals, friends, and family members, as well as members of the transgender community itself.

Book Brown Trans Figurations

Download or read book Brown Trans Figurations written by Francisco J. Galarte and published by University of Texas Press. This book was released on 2021-01-28 with total page 197 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Within queer, transgender, and Latinx and Chicanx cultural politics, brown transgender narratives are frequently silenced and erased. Brown trans subjects are treated as deceptive, unnatural, nonexistent, or impossible, their bodies, lives, and material circumstances represented through tropes and used as metaphors. Restoring personhood and agency to these subjects, Francisco J. Galarte advances “brown trans figuration” as a theoretical framework to describe how transness and brownness coexist within the larger queer, trans, and Latinx historical experiences. Brown Trans Figurations presents a collection of representations that reveal the repression of brown trans narratives and make that repression visible and palpable. Galarte examines the violent deaths of two transgender Latinas and the corresponding narratives that emerged about their lives, analyzes the invisibility of brown transmasculinity in Chicana feminist works, and explores how issues such as transgender politics can be imagined as part of Chicanx and Latinx political movements. This book considers the contexts in which brown trans narratives appear, how they circulate, and how they are reproduced in politics, sexual cultures, and racialized economies.

Book A Roadmap for Today   S Lgbtq Youth

Download or read book A Roadmap for Today S Lgbtq Youth written by Dale Labang and published by Xlibris Corporation. This book was released on 2017-06-24 with total page 58 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This book is written straight from Dale Labangs heart, and the intention is that it would open the eyes of many with regard to the LGBTQ lifestyle. It is a story about his experiences growing up as a gay man and also about how he dealt with challenging circumstances. It is a book about love and healing as well. Many thanks are given to Dales supportive friends and family. The hope is that this book allows parents to fully accept their children for who they are. Also, the LGBTQ youth should stand proud of who they are and fight for their rights as well.

Book Reading Transatlantic Girlhood in the Long Nineteenth Century

Download or read book Reading Transatlantic Girlhood in the Long Nineteenth Century written by Robin L. Cadwallader and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2020-06-02 with total page 264 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This collection is the first of its kind to interrogate both literal and metaphorical transatlantic exchanges of culture and ideas in nineteenth-century girls’ fiction. As such, it initiates conversations about how the motif of travel in literature taught nineteenth-century girl audiences to reexamine their own cultural biases by offering a fresh perspective on literature that is often studied primarily within a national context. Women and children in nineteenth-century America are often described as being tied to the home and the domestic sphere, but this collection challenges this categorization and shows that girls in particular were often expected to go abroad and to learn new cultural frames in order to enter the realm of adulthood; those who could not afford to go abroad literally could do so through the stories that traveled to them from other lands or the stories they read of others’ travels. Via transatlantic exchange, then, authors, readers, and the characters in the texts covered in this collection confront the idea of what constitutes the self. Books examined in this volume include Adelaide Trafton’s An American Girl Abroad (1872), Johanna Spyri’s Heidi (1881), and Elizabeth W. Champney’s eleven-book Vassar Girl Series (1883-92), among others.

Book Voices of Transgender Children in Early Childhood Education

Download or read book Voices of Transgender Children in Early Childhood Education written by Ashley L. Sullivan and published by Springer. This book was released on 2019-06-29 with total page 257 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This volume explores transgender children and internalized body normalization in early childhood education settings, steeped in critical methodologies including post-structuralism, queer theory, and feminist approaches. The book marries theory and praxis, submitting to current and future teachers a text that not only presents authentic narratives about trans children in early childhood education, but also analyzes the forces at work behind gender policing, gender segregation, and transphobic education policies. As the struggles and triumphs of trans individuals have reached a watershed moment in the social fabric of the United States, this text offers a snapshot into the lives of ten transgender people as they reflect on their earliest memories in the American educational system.

Book Gender Identity

Download or read book Gender Identity written by Cynthia L. Winfield and published by Rowman & Littlefield. This book was released on 2019-07-15 with total page 248 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: As the public becomes more mindful of gender variances, this book examines how more individuals—including young adults—have found the courage to express and celebrate their authentic selves. The book covers differences between biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Book Today s Transgender Youth

Download or read book Today s Transgender Youth written by Ryan J. Watson and published by Routledge. This book was released on 2020-06-29 with total page 221 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: This book focuses on resiliency among gender expansive young people in different cultures, exploring how they engage with and leverage school, media, and religious contexts. The contributions in this volume advance the scholarship regarding the health and well-being of gender expansive young people, at a time where a plethora of recent legislation has limited and removed sundry rights of transgender individuals. While previous scholarship identified disparities among transgender youth, this book approaches resiliency from multiple lenses – from school-based clubs as tools for engagement in advocacy, to proactivity and self-care as strategies to mitigate struggles. These empirical chapters focus on diverse contexts across different countries including Canada, the USA and Australia. The book also includes important commentaries from leading scholars in the field debating the controversial issue of transgender youth "desisting" (to no longer be transgender). This book will be of interest to those studying recent legislation on transgender rights, as well as to those with a broader interest in studying gender in different contexts. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Transgenderism.

Book Wonder Women and Bad Girls

Download or read book Wonder Women and Bad Girls written by Valerie Estelle Frankel and published by McFarland. This book was released on 2020-10-12 with total page 244 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Shuri, and Black Widow. These four characters portray very different versions of women: the superheroine, the abuse victim, the fourth wave princess, and the spy, respectively. In this in-depth analysis of female characters in superhero media, the author begins by identifying ten eras of superhero media defined by the way they portray women. Following this, the various archetypes of superheroines are classified into four categories: boundary crossers, good girls, outcasts, and those that reclaim power. From Golden Age comics through today's hottest films, heroines have been surprisingly assertive, diverse, and remarkable in this celebration of all the archetypes.

Book Introduction to LGBTQ  Studies

Download or read book Introduction to LGBTQ Studies written by Deborah P. Amory and published by State University of New York Press. This book was released on 2022-11-01 with total page 644 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies offers accessible, academically sound information on a wide range of topics, including history, culture, and Queer Theory; an exploration of LGBTQ+ relationships, families, parenting, health, and education; and how to conduct research on LGBTQ+ topics. The book explores LGBTQ+ issues from the ancient world to contemporary global perspectives. Employing an intersectional analysis, the textbook highlights how sexuality and gender are simultaneously experienced and constructed through other structures of inequality and privilege, such as race and class. The text supports multiple learning styles by integrating visual elements, multimedia resources, discussion and project prompts, and resources for further research throughout the textbook. An OER version of this course is freely available thanks to the generous support of SUNY OER Services. Access the book online at

Book When Kids Ask Hard Questions

Download or read book When Kids Ask Hard Questions written by Bromleigh McCleneghan and published by Chalice Press. This book was released on 2019-10-08 with total page 224 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The world is a confusing and painful place for children (and adults). How do you respond faithfully to your kids’ big questions? Learn to craft faithful conversations and be better prepared to talk about the tough stuff with your kids. More than 30 essays from a diverse group of young Christian parents/pastors address today’s toughest topics, including gender, race, bullying, mental illness, death, divorce, money, technology, and generosity. When Kids Ask Hard Questions invites you to take a deep breath, create safe spaces for the hard conversations, and speak the truth in love. Each chapter includes a resource list for further exploration.

Book Fast Cars and Bad Girls

Download or read book Fast Cars and Bad Girls written by Deborah Paes de Barros and published by Peter Lang. This book was released on 2004 with total page 228 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Fast Cars and Bad Girls: Nomadic Subjects and Women's Road Stories explores the road narratives of women and the various ways their work re-maps American space. Moving from Mary Rowlandson's famous captivity narrative to the frontier texts of the American West to the postapocalyptic novels of postmodern experience, Fast Cars and Bad Girls interrogates the intersections of nomadic theory and contemporary feminism. What would happen, the text queries the reader, if Jack Kerouac had gone on the road with a baby in the back seat? Women's road texts are different, insists author Deborah Paes de Barros; notions such as resistance to the West, the revision of the natural world, mother-daughter relationships, avant-garde angst, and feminist utopias construct this discussion of women travel writers.

Book Sink the Pink s Manifesto for Misfits

Download or read book Sink the Pink s Manifesto for Misfits written by Glyn Fussell and published by White Lion Publishing. This book was released on 2022-05-03 with total page 176 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: An empowering, joyous and colourful guide to being a proud misfit, designed for and dedicated to anyone who doesn’t “fit in”. Don’t fit in? The Manifesto for Misfits will help you find your tribe and yourself. Join a brave and proud community of eccentrics, freaks, geeks, rebels and oddballs worldwide. Follow witty commandments, work through personal development exercises, take strength in stories of becoming, and learn to love who you really are. Filled with anecdotes, letters and opinionated thinkpieces from the Sink the Pink collective, queens, celebrities and fans including Sam Smith and Mel C from the Spice Girls, this title is the complete guide on how to be proudly yourself. Sink the Pink is the largest LGBTQ+ collective in the UK, continuously challenging the status quo and freedom of expression. Their events offer a portal to another world where anything is possible and everyone is welcome. Here, they put their message and experience into book form. Prepare to be fully immersed in joy, colour and love with this inclusive and perspective-shifting book: learn how to harness your uniqueness and remind yourself that you are not alone.

Book Beastly Journeys

Download or read book Beastly Journeys written by Tim Youngs and published by Oxford University Press. This book was released on 2013 with total page 237 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Bats, beetles, wolves, butterflies, bulls, panthers, apes, leopards and spiders are among the countless creatures that crowd the pages of literature of the late nineteenth century. Whether in Gothic novels, science fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, journalism, political discourse, realism or naturalism, the line between the human and the animal becomes blurred. Beastly Journeys examines these bestial transformations across a range of well-known and less familiar texts and shows how they are provoked not only by the mutations of Darwinism but by social and economic shifts that have been lost in retellings and readings of them. The physical alterations described by George Gissing, George MacDonald, Arthur Machen, Arthur Morrison, W.T. Stead, Bram Stoker, H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde, and many of their contemporaries, are responses to changes in the social body as Britain underwent a series of social and economic crises. Metaphors of travel DS social, spatial, temporal, mythical and psychological DS keep these stories on the move, confusing literary genres along with the indeterminacy of physical shape that they relate. Beastly Journeys will appeal to anyone interested in the relationship between nineteenth-century literature and its contexts and especially to those interested in the fin de siècle and in metaphors of travel, animals and shape-changing.

Book You re Doing it Wrong

    Book Details:
  • Author : Bethany L. Johnson
  • Publisher : Rutgers University Press
  • Release : 2019-04-19
  • ISBN : 0813593808
  • Pages : 275 pages

Download or read book You re Doing it Wrong written by Bethany L. Johnson and published by Rutgers University Press. This book was released on 2019-04-19 with total page 275 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: New mothers face a barrage of confounding decisions during the life-cycle of early motherhood which includes... Should they change their diet or mindset to conceive? Exercise while pregnant? Should they opt for a home birth or head for a hospital? Whatever they “choose,” they will be sure to find plenty of medical expertise from health practitioners to social media “influencers” telling them that they’re making a series of mistakes. As intersectional feminists with two small children each, Bethany L. Johnson and Margaret M. Quinlan draw from their own experiences as well as stories from a range of caretakers throughout. You’re Doing it Wrong! investigates the storied history of mothering advice in the media, from the newspapers, magazines, doctors’ records and personal papers of the nineteenth-century to today’s websites, Facebook groups, and Instagram feeds. Johnson and Quinlan find surprising parallels between today’s mothering experts and their Victorian counterparts, but they also explore how social media has placed unprecedented pressures on new mothers, even while it may function as social support for some. They further examine the contentious construction of prenatal and baby care expertise itself, as individuals such as everyone from medical professionals to experienced moms have competed to have their expertise acknowledged in the public sphere. Exploring potential health crises from infertility treatments to “better babies” milestones, You’re Doing it Wrong! provides a provocative look at historical and contemporary medical expertise during conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and infant care stages.

Book Achieving the Rare

    Book Details:
  • Author : I-Juliana Christy
  • Publisher : World Scientific
  • Release : 2013-05-30
  • ISBN : 9814460265
  • Pages : 368 pages

Download or read book Achieving the Rare written by I-Juliana Christy and published by World Scientific. This book was released on 2013-05-30 with total page 368 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Robert F Christy was a legendary physicist, one of the key players in some of the most dramatic events of the 20th century. He was a student of Oppenheimer, who called him “one of the best in the world.” He was a crucial member of Fermi's team when they first unleashed the unheard-of energies of nuclear power, creating the world's first nuclear reactor on December 2, 1942. On the Manhattan Project he was the key physicist in the successful test of the world's first atomic bomb, the “Christy Gadget”, at Alamogordo on July 16, 1945. Almost immediately he turned his talents to promoting the peaceful uses of atomic energy. He successfully opposed atmospheric testing of atomic bombs and fought nuclear proliferation, a campaign that eventually led to the SALT talks with the Soviet Union. His favorite subject was astrophysics where he made fundamental contributions to the understanding of Cepheids, variable stars that are crucial distance indicators in the universe. Robert was equally fascinating as a man. In his mid-50's he became irresistably attracted to an astrophysicist, but they were a continent and a generation apart. Near his 60's they started a happy and fulfilling life together. He remained vigorous both mentally and physically into his 90's: he was still galloping his horse at age 93. Robert's story is one of overcoming obstacles, of hope, and of fulfillment. Contents:His ChildhoodThe Formative UBC YearsExciting Graduate Years with OppenheimerThe First Marriage, to Dagmar von LievenThe Very First Nuclear ReactorDesigning the First Atomic BombOpposing Nuclear Weapons ProliferationBecoming Oppenheimer's Successor at CaltechContributions to Physics at CaltechPioneering Work in Astrophysics: Variable StarsAs Provost: Achieving His Dreams for CaltechThe Second Marriage, to I-Julianna SackmannDaughters Late in LifeInterim President of CaltechLater Years — Teaching and ResearchRadiation Dosimetry in Hiroshima and NagasakiThe Spring Valley Ranch: Fulfilling a DreamRobert's Health — Struggles and SuccessesAn Innate Grace Readership: For interested academics as well as the general public. Keywords:Manhattan Project;Oppenheimer;Nuclear Reactor;Christy Gadget;Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT);Atmospheric Testing;Orion Project;Astrophysics;Cepheid Variables;Pulsation;Variable Stars;Keck Telescope;Radiation Dosimetry;Hiroshima;Atomic Bomb;Radiation Effects;Caltech;Physics ReminiscencesReviews: "From ‘Christy's Gadget’ (the first plutonium-based atomic bomb) and the war that it helped end, to the forces that drive a star's pulsations, to intercontinental romance, this biography illuminates the life, passions, and intellect of one of the 20th century's great theoretical physicists. It is a fitting tribute to Robert Christy, whom I admired as a man as well as a scientist." Kip S Thorne The Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics Emeritus California Institute of Technology (Caltech) "From the atom bomb to the frontiers of astrophysics, Bob Christy's contributions were brilliant and seminal. In an intimate account rich with personal detail, we see up close a man of enormous energy, grace, and wisdom." H David Politzer Caltech Nobel Prize in Physics 2004 "Bob Christy was an exemplary research scientist, teacher and university administrator at Caltech, playing an important role in the development of the atomic bomb and in the efforts after World War II to assure that nuclear weapons would not be used again. This informative biographical memoir by his widow reveals the warmer side of his personality, remembered by his friends but hidden from public view by his austere and analytic manner."; Harold Brown President of Caltech 1969–1977 US Secretary of Defense 1977–1981 "The deeper you get into this book, the more fascinating it becomes. Christy lived the problems of the 20th century which are defining many of the problems of the 21st." Rose Bethe widow of Hans Bethe Nobel Prize in Physics 1967 "An accomplished scientist in her own right, I-Juliana Christy has written a richly-detailed biography. Drawing on unpublished letters and interviews, she weaves together the political drama of World War II with the personal story of Christy." Judith R Goodstein Founding Head of Caltech Archives and author of Millikan's School "Juliana Christy has created a remarkable blend of historical biography and personal memoir. She presents here for the first time unique source material from Robert Christy's personal papers, along with interviews, photographs and other documentation, much of it newly published. The book is an intimate yet carefully weighed account of this great physicist's life and work." Charlotte E Erwin Head of Archives, Special Collections Caltech "A must-read for people interested in history and pioneering physics. Mentored by Oppenheimer, Christy transformed nuclear science from intellectual theory to explosive reality. A warm and compas-sionate man, he labored mightily against nuclear proliferation." Frank D Rubin attorney and history buff "The book is very well written; transcribed interviews with Christy and liberal use of historical artefacts. Where relevant the book also serves as a history text; the wider political context in the lead up to the Manhattan project is explored and the retrospective look at the German effort to develop nuclear weapons is a fascinating inclusion. Perhaps the most vivid historical inclusion, however, is the first hand description of Chicago Pile-1. With a little something for everyone, this is a fantastic read." Mr Mark Worrall Clinical Scientist Radiation Physics, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee “The unique strength of this remarkable memoir is the author's deep understanding of both Christy's scientific and administrative achievements coupled with his personal qualities: energy, wisdom, passion, modesty, and grace. Like Robert Christy, author Juliana Christy has truly "achieved the rare".” John R Percy Professor Emeritus University of Toronto “Oppenheimer, Fermi, Teller, Harold Brown, Hans Bethe, Richard Feynman — Robert Christy knew the greats of his era as both peer and colleague. This affectionate biography presents a complete picture of this national figure also as family man, horseman, skier and tennis player — a man who helped shape the world we inhabit. That is rare achievement in itself.” Bart Paul author of the novel "Under Tower Peak" and of "Double-Edged Sword: the Many Lives of Hemingway's Friend, the American Matador Sidney Franklin" “Those interested in academic administration in general or Caltech in particular will find additional fascinating sections, but the scientific and practical history of the atomic age stand alone in this worthwhile book, with book science and personal history well told.” Jay M Pansachoff Professor Williams College “It's the story of a boy from British Columbia who was a prewar student of Oppenheimer's at Berkeley, then became sucked into the Manhattan project where, at Los Alamos, he solved the problems that had confounded his colleagues, and changed the course of history.” Charles Campbell Professor University of Southern California “Author Juliana Christy is herself an astrophysicist, so she get the physics right. At the same time she brings out Robert's human side and family life in this well-rounded account with the aid of letters, photographs, interviews, and personal reminiscences.” Steven C Frautschi Professor Emeritus California Institute of Technology

Book Supporting Queer Birth

Download or read book Supporting Queer Birth written by AJ Silver and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. This book was released on 2022-04-21 with total page 224 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Bringing together the stories and experiences of LGBT+ parents as well as professionals in the field, this guide explains what healthcare and birth workers can do to improve care for their clients. It broadens the ability to understand those who birth and parent beyond the heteronormative and cisgender binary. Covering topics such as LGBT+ and neurodiversity, surrogacy and lactation, as well as including interviews from Jake Graf, Freddy McConnell and Sabia Wade, AJ Silver brings to light the failures of the maternity system for LGBT+ parents and discusses how these mistakes can be avoided. A compelling, educational, and motivational book, Supporting Queer Birth is essential reading for birth workers and healthcare professionals.